Who We Are

WorkQuest Oklahoma

Creating Jobs for People with Disabilities

WorkQuest Oklahoma, a private, nonprofit corporation is the Central Nonprofit Agency, or CNA, for the Oklahoma State Use Program. As CNA WorkQuest Oklahoma is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Program and linking people with disabilities to meaningful employment opportunities, improving quality of life for thousands of individuals across the state. Through WorkQuest Oklahoma, State agency and political subdivision customers can purchase products and request services from Qualified Nonprofit Agencies statewide and learn more about what this important Program has to offer.

WorkQuest Oklahoma Mission Statement & Policies

WorkQuest Oklahoma develops and implements business and marketing initiatives which provide employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.


We place strong emphasis on the quality and reliability of the products and services provided by Qualified Nonprofit Agencies. All of our products and services are fully guaranteed to give 100% satisfaction in every way. If something does not meet your expectations, we will do whatever is necessary to correct the cause of your dissatisfaction.


WorkQuest Oklahoma Benefits

The Office of Management and Enterprise Services is authorized by statute to determine a fair market price for goods and services produced through the State Use Program that are available to state agency and political subdivision customers without the need of the bid process.

Benefits of the Program

How We Help People With Disabilities

1. Provide stable, vocational rehabilitation for individuals with disabilities in the community.
2. Provide people with disabilities the opportunity to become self-sufficient.
3. Provide training, meaningful employment and fair wages for individuals with disabilities.

How We Help Customers

1. The program offers a wide variety of options with its products and services.
2. Each contract is negotiated individually, allowing for customization to meet specific wants and needs.

How We Help Taxpayers

1. The State Use Program has proven to reduce the cost of care for people with disabilities.
2. By adding employees with disabilities to the workforce, the program helps increase the tax base. Studies on similar programs have shown a savings in public expenditures for purchases made through the State Use Program.
3. Since QNAs are located in large and small communities, the program also stimulates local area economic growth.

QNAs & Purchasers

Individuals with disabilities employed through the Oklahoma State Use Program are able to work within their communities. Many of the nearly 40 QNAs are located in metropolitan areas, but centers are also located in smaller communities throughout the state.

Through the sale of products and services, millions in wages and benefits are paid to these exceptional individuals. With their wages, these workers purchase food, clothing and other items from the community, while some even become self-sufficient enough to live alone. Consequently tax money is freed for use elsewhere.

Major Accounts:

Oklahoma Health Care Authority

Department of Corrections

Office of Management & Enterprise Services

Department of Health

Department of Tourism & Recreation

Department of Human Services

Oklahoma Military Department

Department of Rehabilitation Services

Department of Veterans Affairs

Department of Transportation